I love to translate creatively with the subtleties of language and context. Website, promotional material and song translation
make me smile !


All important writing needs a keen eye to proofread and ensure coherence and professionalism.

Language Awareness

Do you want your message to be congruent and true to your brand (service/product) ? Have your website or projects/documents assessed, assuring your language reflects the best of your business/service/product.

French Courses

Are you aiming to improve your French skills ? I offer enjoyable customized courses based on your needs and goals.


- The Minority Context
- Bilinguism and Canada
- Acadian French
- Language Awareness
- The Art of Self-Languaging

Theatre/Performance (Lisa is Josephine)

Josephine tells stories about the old days of her Acadian heritage and is also inspired by her daily life and encounters. Follow her on social media... listen to her funny videos, and read her blog (mainly in French).